A blog dedicated to the Missouri Whitetail Hunter

Keeping The Faith

We all get down every once in a while. The hunt didn’t go as expected, you got busted, or worst of all you missed your target. It’s part of hunting and part of the lesson that hunting teaches us. You show me an outdoorsman that’s never had a bad day and I’ll show you a big fat liar. Deer season is a long one. From September to January here in Missouri, it puts a toll on a hunters attitude. The most important piece of equipment any hunter can have during a long season is a positive mental attitude. Hands down this is the most crucial aspect to remember when in the stand or blind. You can never think negative thoughts while hunting, it just never does you any good. As soon as you start thinking negative, you start to wear on your patience and eventually you’ll just wanna quit. Yes, even the pros have days they wish they didn’t, and as much hunting as they do it’s not an “if” but a “when” for them. They had to start somewhere, and I can guarantee they didn’t get to where they are now by letting a bad day in the woods bring them down. If sitting in the woods by myself has taught me anything it’s to hunt as legally long as possible. In hunting things can happen so fast. That’s something my father has helped me see through the years. When we used to sit in a stand together, it seemed like he had this magical power that he knew we should sit for just 5 more minutes. Sometimes we’d sit till after dark and just watch the deer for as long as we could. Cause you really never know what can happen. We all know deer can materialize out of no where, and your season can change in seconds. But to be successful like that and to solidify the possibility of a good hunt you just gotta stay positive. Even when you’re just sitting in the stand, keep happy thoughts running through your head. Yeah just like Chubs said in Happy Gilmore,”Go to your own happy place.”. It will keep your moral up and positive, and you’ll run the chances of having a good hunt; dead deer or not.


This buck I shot 4 years ago while I was still in high school. But after sitting out most of archery season and a portion of rifle season because of high school football. I had no idea I’d shoot something like this. I had figured since I hadn’t scouted in months and wouldn’t see anything. The first morning I decided to just go sit (due to some encouragement from my father) this beautiful 8 pointer stepped out and just like that my attitude changed. Just goes to show how unpredictable hunting is and how keeping an open mind when in the stand can make the experience so much better.


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