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Hoyt Vector 32 Review


Last fall I made the decision to save up and make a large purchase this summer. But before I tell you about my new Hoyt, I wanna give a little history on how this bow has resurrected my passion for bow hunting.

I had spent last summer bow fishing on the Little Blue River, doing what I could to put a dent in the Asian carp population. Getting back into drawing a bow back fired me back up on archery. You see in my younger years I maybe went bow hunting 10 times and shot once, missing a small 8 pointer. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I decided to just continuing competitive archery on my YHEC team instead of chasing Whitetails. But last fall, I really was fed up with how rifle season had been going on my property (an entirely different story, which I might share some other time). So I made a promise to myself to get back into getting serious about bow hunting again. I did my research and looked at every bow almost on the market. You see I had an old Browning bow I had bought when I turned 16, it’s max draw weight was 45lbs and it’s draw length couldn’t get much more than 24 inches. It was perfect for all the bow fishing I was doing, something I could be a little rough on. The worst part about this bow is when released, it’s about as loud as my 30/30. I absolutely hated that. That’s when I made my mind up I wanted a big boy bow. I’m 21 now with the potential to draw back 70lbs consistently and a draw length of 27.5 inches. Clearly I had out grow this Browning. I finally settled on a bow that I thought I would like after watching Bill Winke talk a little bit about his Hoyt Carbon Element on his Semi-Live web show Midwest Whitetails. I looked into the Hoyt brand a little deeper. With a thin stretched budget already I decided I wanted quality but not top notch. So I decided on the Hoyt Vector 32. I spent nearly 9 months saving for this bow (over half came from my per diem from traveling with the MIZZOU Football team for their bowl game while I was a Student Assistant for them and some winnings at the casino in Shreveport, LA). But in July I went one Saturday to Rogers Sporting Goods in Liberty MO to purchase what I so patiently waited for.


First thing I will say about this bow, it is slick! The design is flawless, and it’s a beautiful piece of equipment. It comes in multiple colors; but I went the traditional route with the Realtree Camo pattern. The draw weight I bought was the 55-65lbs draw weight, which wasn’t what I originally wanted. But the technician was able to get her up to 67lbs, so I’m a happy camper. The main thing I was out for was a quiet and extremely fast bow. After I had shot mine a few times I had realized why Outdoor Life made this bow it’s Editors Choice for 2012! It hardly makes a sound when released, with all the dampening equipment on it, it’d be hard to be very loud. But that was just the beginning. On Hoyt’s website they list the FPS (feet per second) at a whopping 330! Now we all know a bow isn’t going to reach that actual potential, (mostly because thats an ATA measured bow) but mine clocked in at 302 FPS in the shop. Which beats the 250 FPS of my old Browning. This is achieved with the amazing RKT Cam its equipped with. This new cam is simply awesome! With not to many advances in the archery industry lately, this piece of equipment is what I believe is going to really put Hoyt above the rest of the competition in the next few years. Yes and I even mean Mathews.

After I got it sighted in and got my form/technique back down my shots at 30 and 35 yards seem like line drives to the target, I have trouble seeing any arch in my shot at all. There’s no change between 10 and 20 yards, so I just use those two distances on my first pin. Not to mention it drills these arrows into the target. I’m extremely excited to see what it can do on the hide of a deer.



As a summary I’d like to just say that this bow was worth every penny. I can’t wait to get to the woods this fall and let some arrows fly. I know I’ll bring home some venison because I am fully confident in this piece of equipment. Something that lacked in my last bow. I know if I’m confident in it then I’ll have no problems EVER in the woods. The motto Hoyt carries “Get serious. Get Hoyt.” is so true. I recommend any of their products or bows.



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